Before returning home

Make sure you get all the information you need and take care not to forget anything before you returning home.

Talk to health care staff

Before returning home, make sure you have the necessary information from health care staff. Make sure you understand all the instructions you are given. Ask for documentation in English if it is available.

Let the health care staff know if you do not understand what is being said.
Ask to be spoken to in English if you do not understand.
Ask for any documentation that is available in English. Sometimes documentation is available but is not readily at hand.
Remember, you are your own best advocate, so be sure to let people know what you need.

Departure checklist

Important things to remember

Make sure you have the following items before leaving:

Your personal items, including medical cards
Any medications that you need
Any prescriptions you will need, as well as information about them
Any after-care instructions you will need to follow
Any forms you need to fill out or have signed for you, such as travel or refund forms
Next step

Costs and refunds

Minimize the financial burden of your trip.
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